#TWEET FOR YOUR #LIFE!: An #Arts #SocialMedia Success Story

BowsI wanted to share a little background on how my partnership with @ClassicalMPR came to fruition. Consider this a personal testimonial on why you should maximize your social media exposure.

Last week, I published a post on this blog, “Becoming an Arts Entrepreneur – or – Don’t Quit Your Day Job.” This was actually only my second post on this blog — I had been considering writing a book on Arts Entrepreneurship, and had a number of chapters written, but decided that there would be much wider reach by making the material available for free online.

After publishing, I shared the article on my Twitter account (@PDQuigley), my professional Facebook page (Patrick Dupre Quigley), my personal Facebook page (Patrick Quigley), and asked a number of my socially-well-connected (in the social media sense) to share the article.

About two hours later, to my very great surprise, the post had exploded —  I had tapped into an entire community of new economy arts entrepreneurs who were realizing, “Wait: I’m not the only one!!”   I registered www.cajunconductor.com and did my best to keep up with the buzz.  Hundreds of likes/shares/retweets later, I was realizing, “Wait….this is turning into a thing!”

Going Viral

A few hours later, the simply amazing Tesfa Wondemadgegnehu, manager of the Choral Works Initiative at American Public Media suggested that Classical Minnesota Public Radio might be open to publishing the entire series.  A few emails, and about 48 hours of waiting later, and the deal was sealed.

As of today, 9 days after posting the original article, my Arts Entrepreneurship series is now hosted on Classical MPR’s website (link here: ).

I say this not as a #humblebrag (ok, maybe just a little…), but as a story for how, if you have cultivated your social media resources, you can make big, big waves in very little time.  Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc… — all of these are much more than ways to share pictures of your cat or your latest meal (of the second, I am so very, very guilty); they are direct pathways to people unfettered by the traditional publication process.

I’ll be continuing my series on #Arts #Entrepreneurship on the Classical MPR website over the next few weeks, but in the mean time, get out there and facebook, tweet, blog, etc…!  It is a vital part to our artistic enterprise: make sure you’re taking advantage of it!


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